Manufacturing Cost Reduction Services

Industrial Manufacturing Supply Chain Management

An effective supply chain partnership is crucial to success. As Peters Industrial Sales and Manufacturing’s goal is your success, we provide supply chain management to address common issues with industrial manufacturing such as distribution strategy, trade-offs in logistical activities, and inventory management.  With Peters Industrial specializing in supply chain management, a partnership with Peters Industrial Sales and Manufacturing means increasing overall performance and efficiency.

Benefits of Supply Chain Management from Peters Industrial

Improve inventory visibility and the velocity of inventory movement by improving the trust and collaboration among supply chain partners, with supply chain management from Peters Industrial Sales and Manufacturing. Partner with Peters Industrial for over 25 years experience in supply chain management.

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Raw Materials Management Services

Partner with Peters Industrial Sales and Manufacturing for customer focused cost reduction services for all your OEM metal goods purchases.

Our JIT(just in time) deliveries and part stocking programs such as KANBAN allow you flexible deliveries along with lower unit cost even on lower volume purchases.

By utilizing Peters Industrial's expertise, customers soon realize internal cost savings in personel, inventories, expediting, purchasing and transportation cost.

All these services put together reduce your per part cost and add profit to your company’s bottom line.

Call Peters Industrial 715.477.2800 for Wisconsin Raw Materials Management your OEM part source