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As innovators in the management of component inventories and project outsourcing, Peters Industrial Sales and Manufacturing is a partner in manufacturing profitability. From metal fabrication to metal stamping, from laser cutting to MIG and TIG welding, Peters Industrial Sales and Manufacturing is your quality OEM part source. The key to a successful production starts with Peters Industrial Sales and Manufacturing, as our primary goal is your success.

Peters Industrial Sales and Manufacturing specializes in manufacturing project management, prototype to production under one roof, multiple component assemblies, customized inventory control systems, process design and improvement, quality control and systems improvement.cnc machining component

Manufacturing Project Management

The experienced staff at Peters Industrial Sales and Manufacturing guides a single part or project from start to finish ensuring the finished product meets both the customer’s print and the customer’s expectations.

Prototype to Production under One Roof

Peters Industrial Sales and Manufacturing’s ability to provide component prototyping, pre-production parts manufacturing, and production parts manufacturing under one roof, saves you TIME and MONEY when introducing a new product into the marketplace. There are many variables that come into play during each stage of production. Peters Industrial evaluates and weighs these variables to deliver the most economical solution for each production stage.

Multiple Component Assemblies

It takes a higher degree of project management to consistently produce multiple component parts. Peters Industrial holds this degree to manufacture quality multiple component parts.

Customized Inventory Control Systems

Peters Industrial Sales and Manufacturing Co offers JIT & KANBAN delivers to meet today’s shortened lead times and ever changing schedules. With customized inventory control systems, Peters Industrial is able to meet customers’ scheduled or unscheduled product demands.

Process Design and Improvement

Where buyers and engineers may lack the full metal fabricationunderstanding of the product life cycle, Peters Industrial Sales and Manufacturing recognizes the importance in each stage to ensure a successful production. As the early stages of a parts lifecycle can be produced various ways, Peters Industrial reviews current manufacturing methods and usage in order to offer cost saving options whenever possible saving you money.

Quality Control and Systems Improvement

Peters Industrial hold a reputation for taking on and finding resolutions for “hard to source components” and difficult projects. At Peters Industrial Sales and Manufacturing, we’re determined to set trends within the marketplace as a leader of innovative methods for component allocations, inventory control systems, design, quality and cost control. Peters Industrial continually develops service and product offers that enhance our customer performance and bottom line, saving you both time and money.

For all your OEM metal needs from sheet metal fabrication to CNC machining, contact Peters Industrial Manufacturing where our manufacturing promise to you is kept and customer satisfaction is met.

Alumagard Grill Guards- Quality Right Up Front

Semi truck grille guardPeters Industrial Sales and Manufacturing designs and manufacturers Alumagard Grill Guards, a grille guard for the semi-truck owner who wants a high degree of front end protection in the unfortunate event of a collision with a large animal such as a deer, elk, etc, but does not want the expense of replacing their OEM bumper. These semi-truck grille guards are built to withstand high impact collisions protecting your truck, with heavy duty mounting brackets and safety pins that keep this grille guard secure and protected from theft while you are over-the-road. Find out more information on our semi truck grill guards from Peters Industrial Sales and Manufacturing.

Metal Fabrication and Custom Inventory Control Systems in Wisconsin
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